Te Matuku Point

140619_05DCIM100GOPROtematukupoint1temat1 140619_36_container We are working at a great location at the “bottom end” of the Island overlooking Te Matuku Bay Marine Reserve. Brad Wards and his team from B1 Buildings are on schedule to deliver the project on time at each stage, not an easy task with all the rain we have had. Here are some great shots of David and the team at work.




A day in the life of Nick

photo view2 viewNick had a great day out recently surrounded by fantastic views as he worked for some of our clients on the northern side. These are a few of the pics he took with his ipad. The day was capped off with a roof shout at the Canam Construction site high above Hekerua Bay. Another day in paradise.

Ecozip – Another Adventure

46245314-IMG_1188We had a great time dodging the wind and rain and zipped high above Waiheke for our Xmas Function. What a buzz.We then had a few games of pool. Matt was the winner of the comp, he is pictured here- winner of the Gold flanked by Jesse and Nick both wearing their 2nd prize ribbons. very Sporting.46245318-IMG_1189Countdown now two weeks to Xmas, we are very busy but getting through it. Why does everything have to be done by Xmas???


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On top of the world


Our boys have been enjoying working on a different type of job recently, the new Waiheke EcoZip Adventures.

Here’s a video Jesse took with the iPad, which is part of “The Works” software they use to record parts and time used.

Another Day In Paradise


We are currently working on a new house high above Oneroa for Canam Construction.

This has been a great project, very detailed. The photos show a pre-slab pipe out for the third floor.

The team are enjoying the views but finding the sun hard going.

Fishing with Bananas


The Team recently booked a fishing charter with Terry Gallon on The Grace and we took some friends out with us.

We cruised around some favourite spots but not much happening early on. Then Terry found the bananas stashed and reckoned that was the probem.

Pleased to say we pulled up at Big Snapper Bay just as it was getting dark and the fish were jumping. No truth to the old tale about bringing bananas on board. It’s a myth. Whew!!

Visit  www.fishingwaiheke.co.nz

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